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Archival Art Prints for Purchase:

Print Title: Print Size: Price:
1. Red Seahorse 11″w. X 14″h. $75.00*
2. Red Seahorse (Closeup) 8″w. X 10″h. $50.00*
3. Curious Octopus 18.5″w. X 8.5″h. $85.00*
4. Curious Octopus (Closeup) 11″w. X 14″h. $75.00*
5. Sand Pipers on the Beach (Closeup) 14″w. X 11″h. $75.00*
6. Sand Pipers on the Beach 18.5w. X 8.5″h. $85.00*
7. Sand Pipers at Sunset 18.5”w. X 8.5”h. $85.00*
8. Heron at Sunrise 11”w. X 14”h. $75.00*
9. Sea Star at Sunrise 11”w. X 14”h. $75.00*
10. Sea Coral 14”w. X 11”h. $75.00*

*cost includes shipping anywhere in the United States.

Archival art prints are printed on a premium pearlized archival paper that allows for beautiful vibrant color.

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